[Denied] Animatedgeeks helper app (again!)


[Q1] My in-game name is animatedgeek but, my friends call me animated.

[Q2] I’m mostly on the server from 9 o’clock AM to 3 o’clock PM. Then I come back at 7:35 PM and play until 11:00 pm. In total I’m on for about 5-7 hours a day.

[Q3] I want to be a helper so I can help other people on the server and make the server grow. On the server I help people that have trouble with using their commands as a member, or people that just need help with becoming a crew. As a helper I would be able to help out with the server more and help the server grow.

[Q4] In real life my name is Lemanuel. I am a 10 year old, straight “A” student that plays sports throughout the year. My hobby is card games. I have a love for Rpgs and Mmos. I live in North Carolina of the U.S.A. I only know English. I love science and technology and I want to have a career in chemistry or Nano Science one day. I’ve always had a connection to gaming and it has always clung to me. My favorite gaming company is Sony studios. This server is amazing and I want to help it grow.

I was demoted on accident but if I have to make another application I will (this is the same one as before).

It was no accident that you were demoted. All Helpers were demoted for not carrying out their job.

What is the main role of a helper?
A helper is the lowest role in the chain. Helpers are there to both help members and staff. Your staff commands are limited to the bare-bones and thus it’ll be quite hard for you to accidentally be demoted. Helpers require minimum training in accordance to the Managers’ Training Directive. They are here to answer questions anyone has on the server. Inactivity will cause your account to be demoted to Crew; higher staff members have more of an immunity to this.

Rofl and I saw absolutely no evidence of anything like this coming from Helpers, it seemed like all they did was apply for more commands with no obligations. This was not the intended purpose of Helpers. I’m not calling you out specifically, but be warned that as a staff member, you will be expected to help people, mainly by answering their questions. So many people ask questions that nearly anyone COULD answer, but more often than not no one does. As a Helper, that is probably the most important thing you can do. I’ve gotten a little bit off track, haven’t I? Anyways, once again, you must carry out your duty as a Helper or you WILL be demoted again. I’m not trying to be discouraging at all, I just wanted to point that out. Anyways, good luck!

I trust animated and he does his job well. +1

Will be forwarding this to the testing phase good luck.

Wait Box so now you only need 1 +1?

Animated meant that he got demoted all the way to member. Whereas the other helpers just got demoted to crew :stuck_out_tongue: Animated, +1 you are very helpful on the server, good luck :slight_smile:

You are amazing on the server bro! You help so much! I wish you luck! +1

Good luck m8
Didn’t deserve to get demoted +1

This application has been denied due to inactivity (based on the site).