[Denied] alexsteel29 application for helper

[Q1] alexsteel29, (may be different if I am on an alt but doesn’t matter)

[Q2] about 6-7 times a day, or about 2-4 hours a day everyday (with exceptions)

[Q3] first off I enjoy creating a good experience for others in game, I do it all the time, secondly I love moving up ranking charts to be of use to people. (I have this efficiently thing where I don’t do much that isn’t toward a greater goal or making people happy.)

[Q4] yes, I already do (most of the time)
[Q5] yes, I’ve been playing terraria for I think 2 years and play on servers a lot.

[Q6] well I an average teenager, honor student who loves steam and terraria. I have a few friends play so we do private servers sometimes to experiment with generators, (just so you know, the wedge glitch is the best, 27 pulses per second.) I play a few sports like soccer, bowling, and swimming, but also spend tons of time on my pc. I even have terraria on the x-box. oh, and I live in the u.s , and thats pretty mush all I have to say.


  • Have a Verified In-game account [/quote]
    I do not see an account linked to your profile. If you would like to become Helper you need to verify your account.

Just simply click up on DTP in the upper right corner. That should do the trick.

ok I think its good now, I forgot to dtp when I applied

As long as you’ve been on the server for at least a week (?), then you meet the requirements and this application will stay open.

I believe it has been more then a week.

it says he joined today. today is the 7th

I joined the forums today but made a server account a while back