[Declined] Currant's Ban appeal

[Q1] http://dark-gaming.com/ban/4728

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
Regardless of whether it was a false accusation, a really good educated guess or even if you’ve forgotten I even exist, I will come clean. Yes, I’ve read the rules and still decided to break the rules knowingly. I started in vanilla on the server but began using a modified client at some point in time and continued using it since. Specifically, the only two client plugins I used were Full Brightness and the Map reveal from the 1.3 Terraria Patcher.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
I have infringed upon the set of rules under Section 5 #1 Modified Clients.
In terms of what was written on the official DG rules, yes my ban was fair; however, that does not mean I agree with it; based on how it was written, DG does not discriminate between the type of plugins used of whether one uses a modified client to either one shot bosses or to even play an automated piece of music with a harp. This doesn’t apply to my case however, even if I didn’t use any of the more severe plugins like godmode, teleportation, item spawning etc and I’m still ready to take full accountability for my actions.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
People that try to cheat do so full knowingly, it is only a matter of time before you get discovered. Yet, I firmly want to believe I was an all round friendly person to the people on the server, albeit my cynical attitude towards certain types of people does show from time to time.

Hey, everyone’s not perfect but I’d still genuinely believe I was a great person and all that.
Like, I even felt a sense of false righteousness from refraining to use any godmode or item hacks etc unlike the hacker kids that sometimes show up on the server; but hacks are hacks.

I personally thought that I hid it well enough. I even took extra care to not disturb survival progression. Obviously, I’ve had my share of suspicions but it was usually from people who don’t know better. It doesn’t really matter much if I get unbanned or not because plenty of other servers exist; although I’ve found myself a bit attached to this particular one during my stay. Like everyone else, I’ve made some connections to the server and it’d be a shame if it was entirely cut off. In the event that I get to play on the server again, I promise that won’t be using any sort of modified client anymore. There won’t be a 2nd chance anymore if I do so. Besides, I know the game enough that I don’t need them; but In the end, I’ll just leave it up to the mods to decide.

Additional Notes:
The reason I decided to use some plugins was because Survival was taking too long, but I still wanted to actually play the game. After a few resets it does get a bit repetitive and even stressful if you are playing competitively.

The main reason I wanted to write an appeal because I found it interesting. It could also serve as a lesson to aspiring future mods or even the general player on the server; meaning to say that even if you know what you are doing, you can still get banned.

If possible, I’d wanna know sort of proof or event that nailed the coffin which led to me banned. I was even inactive for a good month or two but I still got banned during this period. This came to me as quite the surprise, but I honestly felt relieved that it happened and I’m not even mad. Like I said, I was already prepared for the consequences. Great work as always Quinci.


Well since day one when you first joined the survival server I have always known you were hacking but did not find any hard evidence. You in particular were the fastest to get max hp, find underground chests, and appeared to have insane rng. This was on the first reset you joined despite the learning curve of expert mode and having around 10 players consistently, scaling up the difficulty. Those are big red flags for me when searching for cheaters. A seemingly arbitrary aversion to a full 400hp before hardmode adds to the suspicion but doesn’t prove anything.

What I found and used to ban you was a disable log of you using hp hacks & an old screenshot of yours in a screen shot where you forgot your chat was showing “Fullbright disabled.” Coincidentally, the exact same way TeeShuun was caught, who also happens to share your ip address.

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I’d figured it could’ve been the report screenshots I’ve been sending your way, I’ve read even deleting them still meant you could still somehow see it. TeeShuun getting caught might have also helped played a part since we actually play together.

To be frank, I actually didn’t use any sort of hacking client on in the first few weeks of joining. I played the game like everyone else and struggled in the brutal environment, only difference was that I was no beggar. I used every vanilla trick I knew and mimicked the tricks I learnt from other the pros to become well off, but I wanted to keep up. I wanted to be like them. It could be fun I thought, and I believe I did achieve such status for a short time. Snagging loot and attempting bosses when less players were around was still tough but doable.

Not long after, I found that it was hard to keep up if you didn’t start right at the start of a reset. I could still keep up, but in terms of time it was a huge set back and I would spend the entire day fishing just because the only aglet chest in the world was nicked. In that time, progression would be out of my control and up to whoever had the best gear and knowledge. It was only after playing a while on the server that I noticed Terraria itself didn’t have any kind of anti-cheat plugin to keep hacks at check before I even considered using any; however, a quick google search led to my start of using modified clients. With these two plugins I mentioned, searching for chests was just a matter of looking at my map and hovering over brown pixels for tool tips. I personally can find chests and hearts with little issue but the plugins just helped speed things up so I can quickly move on to the next thing. My goal is usually to prep myself for HM when WoF gets killed overnight, if that doesn’t happen then its up to me to deal with him.

I also want to clarify that I honestly didn’t use any other type hacks besides Full Bright and Map Reveal. My godmode was just basically Valhalla chest regen shenanigans with full warding. I’d understand the suspicion behind my insane RNG it was just simply good RNG I really have no other way explain it, even I’m suprised at times; though I would later start to personally farm for any missing items. I have tried to use a plugin that increased drop rates but found it only applied to single player. I technically didn’t use it but its up to you whether I actually used it to the detriment of the server.

I’m interested in this disable log of me, though I have no idea what it is. I’m 100% sure I didn’t use any modified god mode. Everything I do is just a mix of my own skill and the map information provided by the plugins. I also stopped playing for a good month or so, perhaps tell me more so I can confirm everything with you.

Oh btw, when Teeshuun got caught, I had a good laugh from that. While we were banned for the same reasons, at least I didn’t post the evidence on the public discord. Even though I was still cheating myself, I strictly made sure they were using vanilla only after they were unbanned. I’d reckon if you still have any doubts about them you can put them at ease.

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Your confession to using hacks is all that was needed, it is entirely irrelevant what hacks you thought we have in logs. You will need to quote the rule(s) you broke and adhere you won’t be doing this again. This is up to Quinci given that there seems to be a history of trying to catch you in this game of cat and mouse.