Death-spam filter

At the time of my typing of this, or a few minutes prior, the chat has been filling up with death messages from bosses in the arena, one or two death messages per second, my suggestion is remove death messages from non-players. Asking for opinions on this.

i agree it stuff up the chat so badly

it also creates lag so I agree

" remove death messages from non-players."
There shouldn’t be any death messages from bosses what so ever. Unless you mean death messages that appear because a player was killed by a boss; in which case its still a player death message.

Non-players being non-pvp deaths, so only show PvP death messages.

I’m not sure that is possible because from what I’ve heard the client sends the death message.

there maybe a plugin that does remove the death messages.
I will do a little research on the plugin. (it maybe real I don’t know for sure).

Then what about restoring the time limit of bosses spawning? So there wont be an arena full of bosses which makes the problem?

There’s already a time limit. A global cooldown for all signs is impossible at the moment because its broken.

Yea the time limit works specifically for the one individual sign. Not all of them…
If it worked on all of them, the cooldown should be shortened to like…30 seconds maybe?

in less than 30 seconds we can beat large part of the bosses in groups of mostly 5 players using OP weaponry,
so I think the best idea is to restore the limitation as there will be limitations for each sign according to the boss’s

If you keep the signs individually time limited, someone could simply run past every sign at once and then every boss would have appeared…

no the cool down works as if i was to hit a sign and the cool down is 100 would have to wait 100 seconds before i can summon another thing. (or brake another sign and have the effects of that sign).

The cool downs are for each individual boss.