Damage Boosts and Modified Weapons

How do percentage damage boosts apply to modified weapons in Dark Gaming’s PvP dimension?

For example: if the vanilla base damage of a weapon were 100, and the modified damage for Dark Gaming PvP 50, how would a 50% damage boost be applied?

Assuming no minimum or maximum damage caps, would the weapon’s damage rise by 50 (therefore using vanilla base damage) to achieve 100 damage, or by 25 (therefore using modified base damage) for 75 damage?
I suspect it’s the latter case, however I do want to be absolutely sure.


It is the latter case.

The Revolver has a base damage of 22 in vanilla and contrastively has a base damage of 120 in PvP. If damage was scaled based on a weapon’s vanilla base damage, you need to get about +527% damage in order to reach the Revolver’s max damage in PvP. This is quite simply not the case in PvP.