CT vs T mini game/Lobby Game

This Minigame or Lobby, Consists 5 players per team… in equal of 10 payers in total…
Players can only play when they are with some players…Players choose a team, Counter Terrorists and Terrorists.they will fight to the death just like pvp.

Role: The Role of the CT is to kill T’s and try to stop planting the Explosive ( by breaking the wires)
The Role of T is to Plant and Defend the bomb and also Kill CT’s
If all CT’s are killed that means the T’s would automatically win the round
If all T’s are killed…same as i said above…

Rounds: 7

the Players inventory should have

1 Handgun with 200 musket balls
1 platinum broadsword
5 lesser healing potions
1 Explosives ( for T’s)
1 wrench (for T’s)
1 wire cutter (for CT’s)
10 wires ( for T’s)
The player should wear :
Necromacer Set

Weapons?..You can buy them at your spawn shop…

How do i buy weapons…easy…buy getting points.

How Do i get Points?..If a player hits an enemy by his gun he will get 20 points per hit

Health?..the health will be set to 400

What do we get if we win or lose?..

the winner the round should be given 100 points (each players if they win)
The loser should be given 20 points if they lose the round

these following guns can be bought:

Flintlock Pistol for 100 points
Revolver for 600 points
Handgun for 300 points
Phoenix Blaster for 500 points
Clockwork Assault Rifle for 700 points
Boomstick 300 points
Shotgun for 850 points
Musket for 780 points
UZI for 890 points
Megashark for 1000 points
Venus magnum for 990 points
Gatligator for 700 points
Tactical shotgun for 1200 points
Xenopopper for 1340 points

Projectiles and Bombs That can be bought:
2 Grenades for 75 points
2 Bouncy Grenades for 100 points
3 Sticky Grenades for 300 points
2 landmines for 400 points

OP weapons:
Sniper rifle for 3000 points
Rocket Launcher with 10 rocket I for 2000 points
Stynger with 30 Stynger Bolts for 1500 points

Buffs?.No Buffs allowed.


For CT’s:Swat helmet angler shirt angler pants
For T’s: Pirate Headband


100 Crystal Bullets for 500 points
100 Cursed Bullets for 600 points
100 high velocity bullets for 650 points
100 meteor shots for 300 points
100 musket balls for 200 points
100 Venom Bullets for 700 points
100 Silver bullets for 200 points

i will be making maps if you agree to my suggestion…

REMINDER: this is just a suggestion

So this instantly makes me think of CS:GO, is that what you were thinking of?

lol…you red my mind