Actually i getted crew just in 2 months and its all normal, i want to ask what “crews” can make.

Crew grants the ability to /tp so long as you’re on the same dimension as the player you’re attempting to teleport to. You can also build on the /build dimension.

Ummm. I can’t do the things you said, I tried to tp to my friend and it said: You don’t have access to that command. And in build dimension, even in the surface and underground i can’t build. Maybe its a bug but I understand.

Also, I see in Trade System that it puts a Crew badge in there.

Ok. This means that the your group hasn’t been parented to Crew. Visiting (website) should fix it. I hope this helps!

Ok! Thank you!

Oh. It doesn’t let me. It says:
Unable to find server IP address of

Remove the %20 from the address

Yey! Thank you!

do i need to do all 3 thing to get crew or just 1
and if only1 is this giltch it say my profile is private cant get my game list but i my profile is public to everyone to see my gamelist

Just one.