Crew+ members should be allowed to use reds wings

I understand this may be an “over the edge” suggestion but i think crew and above members should be able to use reds wings. reds wings provide infinite flight and no clip making building very easy.

Well Red’s wings (at least I believe) hurt members, also they were banned for a good reason. So I don’t think this will be possible.

that would be a good idea tech

Rubber theres a patch that prevents the dev armor for doing any debuffs( wont share it here for safety reasons)

You would have to modify your client to use them anyway.; which is against the rules.

Modding the client isn’t safe. Red’s wings are dev only for a reason, There’s no requirement to have infinite flight time when building as you can easily manipulate the use of grappling tools such as the web-slinger. The items we have now are more than sufficient to complete the job. There is no need for this.


Just jump on the side-walls that you build (side walls means wood for example, not “X wall”), and while you jump, build under your character. It will make around 2 blocks each little jump, so its quite fast if you build towards the sky, maybe more than the Red’s Wings.

Or, if you have master ninja gear on, and you are leaning against the wall while flying, it is just like the developer wings. xD

and you can dodge suicide!!!:smiley:

No. I means standing on it. Once I back home I will send a pic to show what I mean

ik wat u mean. i do it too

you stand on the block(s) you want to build up on, jump while trying to place a block on the block(s) you are standing on. it worx quite well.

If your on buildmode will reds wings kill you? Because if they don’t then that would be a nice addition for when building. If reds wings don’t kill you then reds wings should be allowed for deviser+! :slight_smile:

Because deviser+ can go onto buildmode!

It wouldn’t matter, due to the fact that it causes several buffs. You won’t be able to fly, even with buildmode on.

Oh :frowning:

Here are 3 screenshots about what I meant on my last comment.

you can noclip with red’s wings. they should NOT be available for crew OR helpers

They shouldn’t really be available to anyone. :confused: They were banned for a good reason and if anyone uses a mod to use them then they would get banned because mods aren’t allowed on the server. This thread is pretty useless so I’m just going to go ahead and close it. :slight_smile: