Competition between recently uploaded 2 new maps

It’s my opinion, and if you don’t agree - just tell why, not be angry

Distant windmill Laboratory of Madness
Visual Map detailed well and thematic so it grant + Map detailed well and thematic so it grant +
Start weapons (1st weapon should be not bad or upgrades cheap, else - its stupid surviving, not difficult) for example ranged has not bad items, which has cheap upgrades + almost useless weapons, and for upgrades u must survive 2 waves without dying -
Endgame armor/weapons There’s, but very big jump from for example piranha gun to vortex beater, and i really hate armor ± All good
Hp cost + ± really stupid thing buy hp so much once
Mobility given ± frog leg and SoC that is all? +
Uniques Not allowing get left without accs ± First time using multiple people to get chest +
Interesting + ±
Total 5,5 5

Madofado wins!

Idk what more to add


Even though it’s my map (and I know you’re entitled to your own opinion), but I honestly feel like LoM is better. I really made Windmill as just more of an introduction into making maps, whereas Sertastic already knew basically everything about what to do; their map has way more content and is built way better lol. The “useless weapons” are on purpose (I assume) to make it more of a challenge, whereas Windmill is nearly Cryptic Castle-level easy. Either of these could be more fun depending on what you’re going for.

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I didn’t see that someone beated ML on windmill


I never intended it to get to ML, or really past round 16 at all, as there isn’t enough content, but it is fairly easy to get to rounds 10-12, even with all of the players being randoms.