Cmd Idea- /usebanned

My explanation for adding a command like this is to use a banned item. Some of you think this is probably a related command thats in the tShock multiplayer plugin ( I think that to) so I made a small hamachi server (don’t judge me) made my self superadmin and checked through all the commands before making this thread.

Ex. KO Cannon, Proximity Launcher, Rocket III, Etc.

I think this should be a rarity 10 or 11 (Unique) or It could be one of the next highest level features. Let’s just say that some one really missed a before used item like when Rocket II was allowed.
So they had permission to use the item they loved.

Use- /usebanned

using /usebanned “rocket III” will let you use rocket III
using /usebanned “ko cannon” will let you use KO Cannon.
on so, so, and so

Let me know what you guys think.

The items are banned for a reason.


I think I know why ko cannon got banned because of its high knockback i believe

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No. Because you can lag (and crash) clients with its projectile.


I thought it would be for the knockback at first

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