[Closed] ThiStefan's Ban Appeal

  • http://dark-gaming.com/ban/2541
  • I have been banned for griefing, but I didn’t know I did. This was because the server allowed me to go to the place I went.
  • I don’t think my ban was fair. Of course, I have griefed, but I didn’t know and couldn’t know that the things I did were griefing.
  • You should unban me because I didn’t know I did something wrong. I would - and will - never grief the server. If I knew I wasn’t allowed to go there, I wouldn’t have done that.
    I promise: I will never grief the server again.


You didn’t know that the copper plating that makes up spawn shouldn’t be griefed? How was the ban not fair? If you would of read the rules you would know that it was. I would like you to read the rules and quote the rule which you have broken.