[Closed] Steven's ban appeal

One day after school I found out for some reason? I don’t know how it happened.

[B] [Q1] I had no idea what happened to me.it came up with this.
[B][Q2] No one told me anything at all.
I wasn’t warned for anything because I don’t think someone ever told me anything.
[B][Q3] The ban wasn’t fair at all.
I don’t think the ban was fair because I didn’t do anything wrong.
[B][Q4] The ban wasn’t fair at all and what did I do wrong? what ever I did I am very sorry.

I’m prove your grammar a bunch, first of all, and 2nd what were you banned for?
Take the time to try to find why you were banned.

Steven, do [/B] at the end of the sentence you wanted to bold.
Also, you might want to plan the appeal a bit better Eg why you were banned, better grammar etc

Also put a space between your questions and awnsers

Ehem, if you would actually see the ban info then you would see that its yours, terrariabutterfly.
Stevrn, edit the post so it would be the corrected one.

@Terrariabutterfly & Terrariasteven505

Are you siblings? If so, when banning Terrariabutterfly I had banned her UUID, her accound and her IP address. Both of you are banned because you share the same IP address via sharing the same connection.
If you two are in fact siblings it means that you both will be banned unless Terrariabutterfly’s ban appeal gets accepted.

If this is not the case and you have actually done something then please try to fix your application. Good luck.

Yes, we are siblings

so I was banned cause im a sibling?

You are probably IP banned, that means anyone on your IP/internet connection will be banned.

Like I said, Terrariabutterfly’s UUID, IP and account are all banned. Since you share the same IP address you are both banned unless her application get’s accepted. I’m closing this since it wasn’t your fault.