[Closed] Prenis wants to be a helper!

Hey, I would like to be a helper. I play terraria often, and I know a lot of things… Mostly. So thanks for reading… I guess… That’s my first try application, if I did something wrong. Please tell me, as I don’t know exactly what to do.

You first have to be a crew for a week, then make an application.

Yes, you must be a crew member for a week, in order to further prove your commitment to the server, and that you won’t just leave if you have to wait a few days. After the week is up, you can apply using the format here.

That’s what I said, but you said it way better. XD

:stuck_out_tongue: Why thank you.

[color=blue]But can you say it like me?[/color]
[color=blue]That is the question[/color]

Who knows…

Swaggy? Can you close this thread, and tell him the reason?

Hmmm; locking is too harsh for him; I think he gets the point :stuck_out_tongue: