[Closed] Please Unban Me

Please Unban Me i did nothing some admin trolled me i dont know but please i did nothing
HINT: Whoever banned me banned me for: Grief (40)


This should be denied.

yea… just follow the format if you do you should be good

That’s not how it works; if you follow the format it wont work 100%. You have to actually be sincere about it.
Saying an admin trolled you doesn’t help. Usually a greifing ban will not get appealed but that is up to the admins
Im going to say -1

Jimmy I was there when we found your greif. That was no accident,
It wasn’t for " no reason" either .

Dude… we dont +1 or -1 ban appeals.

I meant that I dont approve of it

Admins dont troll and i presume Helpers dont have permissions to ban users. Please correct me if im wrong

Im just stating my dissaproval

i wasnt questioning you i was just answering his please, sorry if i caused any offense

It’s ok

First of all if you are that ignorant to not know what Grief is I suggest you state now that you clearly do not want permission to build.

Secondly, “Grief (40)” indicates your griefed 40 tiles/blocks the number is irrelevant to you but the word “Grief” is the state of importance. It clearly states in the “/rules” that you must not Grief. If you have any questions of what said rules imply or mean then it is suggested that common sense should lead you to ask before you do anything stupid.

Thirdly, I actually showed you the Grief before banning you and you completely ignored the idea at first and decided lying to me would be a better situation.

Finally, I have no screenshots to prove my words but you know full well where it is and I’d teleported you to me around 50 times to show it so. As long as you agree to follow the rules as well as read over them and clearly state that you will not break them I will be happy to Accept this app.

I read the rules like 10 times

All I want to do is play with pickles

And yes I agree to follow the rules

Oh and last thing can i have my Crew rank back

Once again, this is a fail.

I’m trying hard not to laugh

ok you are not listening to the advice you have been giving, maybe redo your appeal, “follow the format” and do like Popstarfreas said and maybe it can move forward in the process, pretty sure this one is going backwards for you.

Like pickles said; listen to his advice

I made a new Appeal

jimmy, grief is a serious thing its gonna be really hard to get unbanned. I suggest make a few more tries following our advice. If you dont get unbanned then, just drop it.

This application has been closed due to another ban appeal being made. (Im a bit late).