[Closed] Mod Application!

[1] Elliot

[2] XxSlayerxX

[3] I want to be a moderator because I want to make this server the best it can possibly be! I spend most of my time helping people, and I want to challenge myself to achieve a higher goal. I helped about 4 people to become crew, not counting the ones Lego and I did together. Furthermore, if I was a Moderator, I will spend more time on this server to help people achieve their goals! I’m normally online 4-5 Hours a day. As we all know, Tip is going for admin and I would like to replace her as the new moderator. Each day I wonder if I want to be involved in this server more. After all, this is my main server I play on!

[4] Why do you even want to accept me as a Mod? Well, I helped many people (7) to become crew and I’m very helpful. I’ve been in many situation when players violate rules, all I can do is report. If I was a Mod, I would have a lot more control of problems and arguments. If someone thought something I did was unfair, I would be glad to talk to them and sort the problem. This leads to less reports and bans. I am also very responsible and mature, but I can be a bit fun and goofy sometimes. I admit, I will make mistakes. I learned to respect and listen to others ideas/problems and come up with a agreement. This is why you should accept me as a mod!

[5] Before I start, I’m sorry if the language offends anyone…

        Scenario #1:

      Jackie2938: Hey Wingo23 is hacking! Ban him now!!!!
      XxSlayerxX: Jack, I will not ban him, and how do you know he a hacking?
      Jackie2938: He killed me 1 hit with a Venus Magnum! 
      Wingo23: Fuck you Jackie
      XxSlayerxX: Wingo, don't curse, 1st warning.
      Jackie2938: I saw him!!
     XxSlayerxX: */tp Wingo23* Wingo are you hacking?
     Wingo23: Lol no way you helper jack ass
     XxSlayerxX: Wingo, do not be rude to a helper.  2nd warning, do not curse.
     XxSlayerxX: */w Jackie2938* Ok, I'll see if he is hacking. Please stay calm. 
     XxSlayerxX: Wingo, please attack me with your Venus Magnum
     Wingo23: Haha ok noob
     XxSlayerxX: /pvp, *ready to take screen shot*
     XxSlayerxX: Wingo, would you like to tell me how you killed me 1 hit?
     Wingo23: you just suck that's why.
     XxSlayerxX: It is impossible to kill someone with full Beetle armor, with only Venus Magnum. Is there anything else you like to say?
     Wingo23: I don't give a shit. Fuck you
     XxSlayerxX: /ban add Wingo23.   
     *If I was asked why I banned him, I have the snap shots to support my actions*

            Scenario #2: 
    NubbyBobs: AstroDog is cheating in pvp! He heals too fast!!
    AstroDog: NO its not you dumb IDIOTIC PRICK! Go and cry to a helper so you can get fucked.
    XxSlayerxX: */mute AstroDog*  Astro, you have offended not only me, but other players. Please do not do this again. */unmute*
    XxSlayerxX: */w Nubby* Did you know there are items such as Charms of the myths to increase the healing potion rate?
    NubbyBobs: Can I have one?
    XxSlayerxX:  You need to be a member.. Do /register (password) and /login (Password) first. After that ill show you how to spawn items.
    NubbyBobs: Ok now what?
    XxSlayerxX: do /I (item) 1 (prefix).   In your case, do /I Charms of Myths 1 Menacing and /I Philosopher's Stone 1 Menacing
    NubbyBobs: Awesome! Thanks!!
    XxSlayerxX: No problem! Feel free to do /w XxSlayerxX if you need help in the future. 

[6] To stay moderator, I will ensure that this server will develop and become a better server! I will never abuse commands in any case, and will try to be online as much as possible. I now know that everyone can change, and I shouldn’t judge someone from the past. I’ll do the best to help this server!

[7] I can be on 4-5 hours a day (If possible). Ill try my best to stay on longer. If I was going on vacation, I will notify my superiors so I wont be blamed for my inactivity.

  I hope I make it guys! :D

Edit: Your attitude has bought me to a conclusion to give you a -1

thanks! :smiley:

nice Job!!!

lol thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

thx fo helping u are so helpful!!!


your welcome!! :slight_smile:

Completely ignored…

you got my vote +1

+1. you aren’t necessarily my friend, but you seem to help and your application is good.

And the command is /ban add

Tiln it’s better to add a reason too. (Sorry for the derailing. :P)


+1 for dat! Your very helpful (As you helped me few minutes ago with tanking),
showing lots of great ideas and knowledge.
Generally, your doing a great work!

Thanks!! :smiley:

Nice man also im playing :3 +1

Proof read your whole application to make sure it makes sense; Green letters are the additions or corrections; Red indicates not needed or replaced by previous green.

[quote=XxSlayerxXx]Furthermore, if I was a Moderator, I would will spend a lot more time […] I’ve been in In many situations […] someone is violating the rules[/quote] … And I’m not going to do anymore. Just please read through everything.

Ok well here’s my opinion:

·You did not write the needed amount of words for question 2.
·There isn’t any BBCode in this. :l (I am aware that it is not necessary but still)
·There are a lot of grammar mistakes.
·Overall you could have put more effort into this.

However on a lighter note, you do help on the server and you do your job as helper.

oh geez xD

Pretty good, +1 :smiley:

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