[Closed] Mod application. (Jaquab)

[Q1] Name: Jacob
[Q2] IGN (In-game name): Jaquab
[Q3] Why you want to be a Moderator (At least 150 Words): I really want to be a moderator because I like helping things (Things as in servers games people etc.) Also It is just very fun to me for some odd reason.
[Q4] Why I should accept you (at least 50 words): I am responsible and I actually enjoy it so I’m not one of those clumps of people who disrespect their jobs.
[Q5] Make up 2 scenario’s, include the chat and any commands you would use: [Member] Hah I’m going to hack your account! [Member] Oh no! /ban annoying hacker dude

[Member] I need help with this _____ Here’s the information about ____ [Member] Ok Thanks!

[Q6] What will you do to ensure you stay a Moderator? (At least 30 words) I will respect the owner. I will help all. I will do my job always.
[Q7] How often can you be on the server and active to help people? I will be on almost every day except for vacations.

(If your current rank is not Helper, you need to also answer these questions below)

[Q8] Where have you had experience as a staff member and for how long? Other games as of: Minecraft (For a server) and Transformice. And about 2 years
[Q9] What is your exact time-zone? MST -8:00
[Q10] Because of no previous experience on Dark Gaming, would you be willing to take part in some assessed training? Yes
[Q11] If you was asked to watch over the server for 2 days, with the privilege of extra commands, how would you do it? Yes, I would try to help all of the people who need help, and ban hackers.



  • Already have the Helper Staff Rank
  • Have attended 3 Training Sessions [/quote]
    That part of the format was left there in-case I decided that Helpers werent needed anymore. You’ll need Helper for Moderator sorry.