[Closed] Herro being abusive

The moderator, Herro, has been abusing commands and power, and denies it, heres a example of It:
----S T A R T S C E N A R I O 1----
Herro: Jeb_ if you don’t stop being abusive of power of being crew you will be banned.
Me: I’m not abusing!
Herro: Yes you are.
Me: No I am not. I swear to God.
Herro: Your still abusing.
Herro: I’m gonna ban you and hack you.
Me: Do you even know how to hack, Herro?
Herro: Yes.
Herro: .ban Jeb_ Abusing
I was thinking if he even applied, because a minute before he was a guest. I wasn’t even talking to abuse.
----E N D S C E N A R I O 1----

So, your saying a moderator banned you. Hmm. We need to find out who the mod with a character named herro or a nick that says herro.

It is herro

This is obviously the STUPIDEST thing I have ever seen. Tip is a great moderator, and coming from you, this is downright stupid.

Any proof? Proof is needed

Tips nick is herro?

Yes. But that doesnt change the fact that she didnt do anything wrong. I was on the server myself.

Well I am Herro. I really have no idea why he posted this because none of it is true. If you would like the proof I have please ask me! ^-^ Here’s more or less an explanation.

  1. I was checking to see if he does actually help on the server. (He doesn’t really :l)
  2. I have proof. He does not.
  3. He is not banned.

I agree. I would trust tip more than any other mod except chen. Tip has never shown me any evidence of abusive behavior and/or abuse of commands. If she banned you it was for a good reason. If you ask any, any, person on this server they would back up Tip. Now, if you had evidence on the other hand, clearly showing this happening. Then that would lead us to believe. But just knowing tip, this doesn’t seem plausible at all.

Also, Tip NEVER threatens people by saying “I will hack you” She has NEVER done so, and obviously never will, considering how friendly she is.

^ My comment up there should not be taken as being biased. Tip is my friend, but my statement is just what I have observed and how I know tip.

Also, on that note, I really don’t think he should become a helper. He doesn’t know many of the basic TShock commands. Thank you for reading. ^-^

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Those have been edited

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Would you like to revoke that statement or shall I check the log? If you’re lying, you will not be eligible for any staff positions.

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I’m checking to see if those are edited

Herro, I threatened Butter Man because he took my thing I worked for most, it was my True Night’s Edge

Do you need word from some of my friends when my steam starts working?

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Just give it up already.

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You still haven’t defined the “edited” position. I think by this point I could assume they were authentic. Don’t you think it was a bit drastic to post a report about a staff member because of something so seemingly normal?

Report Closed as no proof provided and defendant was found innocent.

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