[Closed] Helper Application

[Q1] My in game name is Jilly Bob Man, although I am usually called Jilly, or Bobbers

[Q2] I tend to come on at 3/4 and play till 5 on most weekdays and all weekends (unless doing something/away), then I come back at around 6/7 and play until 8, which is 2-4 hours on average. On weekends i may go on in the morning as well.

[Q3] I would like to be a helper because of the reasons listed above, and I think with a higher rank it would be a lot easier to help people out, and give newbies advice. I want to help the server grow as well, and helper would really help with that goal, which is important because there aren’t usually aren’t that many helpers on when I’m on and I could help with things that aren’t important enough for admins/mods to spare time, like explaining the house plugin, showing them around, etc.

[Q4] Yes, I answer newbie questions and help people when they ask for it.

[Q5] Yes, despite not knowing the server very well, I’m quite proficient with the game itself, plus I know almost all commands, and warps.

[Q6] I’m an American seventh grader (not to brag) in all advanced classes, and average high B’s to low A’s (solid A student in classes like math and science). I love to draw, and play piano. I started playing games when I was two, and to this day I still don’t hold the mouse correctly. One of my favorite parts of gaming is watching the quality of games grow, and the retro flood spawned some of my favorite games. I’m want to have a career in Computer Science or Bio-engineering.

Hey man I think it was really cool of you to list the pros and cons but there’s a format for applying for the helper rank. Here’s the format: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/format-application-for-helper.2 And here’s an example of what it should look like: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/accepted-animatedgeek-s-helper-application.129 or https://dark-gaming.com/thread/accepted-app-for-helper-2-25-14.194 :slight_smile:

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