[Closed] Helper Application

Hello I am wapapapapapow people call me dwarf I am a loyal player already preadator I am on the server in my free time which is almost daily anyway I would like to explain why I want to be helper I want help the server and build new things for the community right now when posting this I am building lockers for crew + to help encourage the community to grow and I also actually want to help people I would I guide them around the server talk to them when there problems need solving I am always ready to give out a S.D.M.G for new players to protect themselves. finally the bit about me I am 14 a boy English and Australian always dedicated to anything like clash of clans if you know the app I am a dedicated elder for one for all a clan enough about that really do hope you 1+ me so then I can help others so then maybe in the future they may also help others or lead the servers and become admins . I really do hope you allow me to go forward with this and help the server and community thank you for reading

wow good job i think you should be a helper

If the questions aren’t separated like I said in the other thread, then I cant mark it because I have no idea which question is which. It needs to be clear they are separate answers.