[Closed] Helper Application Final App

[Q1] Hello My Name In Game Is Wapapapapapow

[Q2] I love this server I am on it loads building for the community

[Q3]I want to be helper to do what it says in the name help people on the server so they have a great experience like I did when I join the server. I also want to build for the community and make more warp areas.

[Q4] I am Male 14 and I love rugby I am Australian and a bit English I play on pc a lot hoping I have new opportunity’s in life that I can spend time on . I started playing with a person who’s name is aillie scott on the server he welcomed me and I think he would make a great helper too. my friend blob or as his second account blob 2.0 showed me this server he is a member that cant join on the website because it doesn’t let him. This has been about me thank you for reading and please 1+ so I can make a difference and one day you could too.

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Nice app for helper, I would recommend him +1

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