[Closed] General-M12 Mod App

(Q1) My name is Nathan

(Q2) In game name is General-M12

(Q3) Why I want to become a Mod
I want to offer my service as a mod because I want to ensure this magnificent server and it’s inhabitants stay happy. I see many a time a helper issues warnings to a rogue player who is either using profanity, spamming, over-capping and the like. I feel that helpers pain when they issue these warnings are unable to take action. As a helper, currently,. That is why I want to be a moderator. I want to enforce the rules and deal out punishments fairly and not with which the likes of someone who enjoys to see the melancholy of others. Also as a relatively active player I would be able to serve fair justice to those who break the rules and out-step the boundaries that we must abide by. I can honestly say I do not see enough mods online and believe there should always be at least one present on the server at all times.

(Q4) Why I should accept you?
It’s simple really, this is the only sever I play on, the members are my family. My duty… My respect demands that I protect them from those who seek to destroy what we all care about and upset the peace that we have all built. I am a mature and understanding individual because im 21 I finish my second year at UNI I can speak well English never get back talked if I did ill go crazy in other words don’t piss me off other then that I can cast an unbiased viewpoint over any situation, also I am reliable and trustworthy in and out of the game.

(Q5) Make up 2 scenario’s, include the chat and any commands you would use

Scenario 1
Ginger: Someone griefed my house.
Ginger: Someone griefed my houseeeee!
Me: Please do not spam.
Me: /tp “Ginger”, /rollback
Ginger: Thank you
Me: Please protect your house in future.
Ginger: How do I do that?
Me: you can do /house then a bunch of stuff come up like /house set 1 and 2 after you done with the 2 sets do /house add with any name you come up with.

Scenario 2
Pokémon: Wow! I just found a big grief! Is a mod on???
Me: tp Pokémon Let me see who it was. * /history * Oh It was Crazyman12!
Pokémon: What are you going to do? Are you going to fix it?
Me: Yes . I’ll just use /rollback and then I’ll ban him because grieving is an automatic ban.

  • /ban Crazyman12 “grief 40 blocks” *

(Q6) What will you do to ensure you stay a Moderator? Because ill follow by the rules for Mod do nothing stupid be fair to others and I will try my hardest to be as active as possible, and I will respect my authority’s decisions, unless it’s against the rules. I will be kind to all helper’s, and welcome new members. I love this server and I will stay on it for a long long time! I will maintain my moderator role by attending the server regularly, attending to grief’s and going on grief patrols, watching chat, assisting helpers in their roles, and by answering various questions put to me by other staff.

(Q7) Im on the sever nearly 6 hours 5 days a week so im nearly on every day to help others in need

THANK YOU for reading my app

General, this applications does not have the specific word limits. And due to that, it is very short. I would ask you to look at the format again, it clearly lists how many words that paragraph must have. There are only two that have a required word limit. Also, I don’t think you included some paragraphs… So please, be prepared when you submit an application.

kk will do

I agree with BoB. The questions are not correctly numbered and this application is oddly worded overall. I’m quite sure that you don’t have all of the questions or the required word limit and so this also adds onto the list of things that are wrong with this application. This is only a draft and furthermore there has been a staff report on this player. General doesn’t help that much on the server and if he is serious about becoming a moderator I think that he should only apply later. I do not recommend that he is promoted. :l

" I am a mature and understanding individual " Sorry, I cannot agree with that…
Due to the last outbreak, your inactivity, rude and disrespectful actions, I will do -1 from me

General, I’ve saw you in action (for the times we played together) and you were good on those.
However, you’ve been a Helper for not much time, and I think you should experience some time at the server
as a Helper in order to getting know the staff and the people better. A bit more time will change lots about your work.
Now, the scenarios are a bit odd, what do I mean? the scenarios are really short, and it doesn’t looks like that you thought about them much (House define is out-dated, there’s house set 1/2 now). Maturity is also needed about taking care of griefs, grievers and other rule-breaking-players, so they wont give you and other bad feelings, and that they will understand they’r mistakes and wont repeat those.

Aren’t you supposed to mute them when they won’t stop using caps/spam/profanity, then if they still don’t stop kick then ban?

yes, I think its not fair if people are banned from the server just from spamming. I normally give 4 chances, with warnings. Although, I don’t have /mute so on the 4th I must create a report thread because my superior is not on. :confused:

Please add some more, stop making up names, being immature and help out. Then I will +1. Mods need to be very mature in situations. Just know, if this does get accepted, then you will wish you would have made it better. I would also like to note that is not how you ban.

Firstly, I don’t see a clear labelling of questions throughout neither the correct responses.

[Q1] Name
[Q2] IGN (In-game name)
[Q3] Why you want to be a Moderator (At least 150 Words)
[Q4] Why I should accept you (at least 50 words)
[Q5] Make up 2 scenario’s, include the chat and any commands you would use
[Q6] What will you do to ensure you stay a Moderator? (At least 30 words)
[Q7] How often can you be on the server and active to help people? [/quote]
Those are all of the questions. You mentioned “Why you want to be a Moderator” as Q4, it’s Q3.

Secondly, “/house define” is an invalid command. It is “/house set 1” and “/house set 2”; better yet “/house” will list them all.

Thirdly, you can’t ban someone for spamming. You only ban them after being muted they rejoin and abuse the chat service again OR you kick them and they do as mentioned before. All of which are mentioned in the chat rules after continuous abuse.

Fourthly, ‘/tp “Some Dude” /rollback’ is hardly a valid command. You have to type the chat out as it would be in-game.

Fifth, please use at least [b] to make the questions stand out for clearer format.

TY Rofl I add more on question 3 and sort it right this time

-1 I’ve heard that Gen griefed Dragon but she had to go and didn’t have time to screenshot it, There are many complaints about how Gen acts and I just don’t think he’d make a good Mod… He isn’t a very good Helper as it is.
Also, this migh be a slightly personal reason because he was rude to Dragon but that’s not the only reason I -1.

forget about this app now ill just stay as helper because now I can tell I wont get a chance to become mod so can I get a mod or admin to close this app cause people keep saying stuff that I didn’t do and you guys actually believe like what renaldguy said I had been rude to dragon when it never happen he is just making words up and I don’t like those words so close the app ill say as helper for now on.

Well, enough has been said I guess.