[Closed] General Talk With Dfasgold

Welcome to General Talk With Dfasgold, we have a few requirements set.

• No cussing
• Be appropriate

Please start a chat with this format in this chat:

  1. Chat Name:

  2. Chat Subject:

  3. Any text adding to the chat.

  4. Who do you want to participate in this chat(Do all for all):

How to reply to a chat:

  1. Reply to


Now chat.

I understand the no cursing but people gotta be able to type a topic in their own format that is appropriate for the community.

Also dfasgold, you are currently making many comments that aren’t pertinent on threads, and are making threads that have not use at all. I would advise you to just stop making threads as much and stay on topic on threads and make you comments pertinent.

You could pm him.Go to his profile and on the bottom left there will be an option to pm him.
This is a useless thread like countless others made by you, dfasgold. Please refrain from posting threads/comments that have these characteristics:

-Contain very few words.
-Make no sense whatsoever.
-Do not change the OP.

This would be appreciated by everyone here so please do not continue. I am closing this thread. Any staff member that would like to open this is obviously free to do so.