[Closed] Crew Application by Me :3

My Ingame name varies… some of them include:
UrMom? UrDad?
UrBro? UrSis?

Quite a lot actually: about 2 to 4 hours a day.
but on weekends ill be on a REALLY long time.

I want to be crew because i want to work my way up.
To be respected and to respect others. So that people with names like SexGuru don’t come on to the server (someone with that name came on already). So that the dark-gaming-realm of… stuff and things wont end up a mess.

I Will always help and answer questions before fun.

Well I’m a young lad from Brookyln, New York. I always was the trouble maker student who… well… made trouble. But I soon that what I was doing was wrong and stopped.

I moved to New Jersey at the age of 5 to a school by the name of Somerdale Park School SPS for short.
I was the funny kid who always had people around him wanting to be like them.
I still am! I’m the goofy kid in class, but also the smartest. And if anything happens I’m there to fix it.
At the moment im 11 years old… typing this app because I think that i will make a great addition to the crew.
(heh heh see what I did there?)

Oh and my maturity levels are on a scale to 1 to 10
my maturity is about 8.5

You don’t have to apply for crew. If you did this is a nice application though. Go to the DTP page or ask a helper on the server. :slight_smile:

You need not apply for crew! As the above states, crew is absolutely free! But with your application written so well, I highly recommend you apply for helper once becoming crew (:

*After a week of being crew.

This thread is now closed because you don’t need to apply for Crew.