[Closed] banned for unknown reason pls help

Q1] dark-gaming.com/ban/173
Q2]I was not warned as I was not on the server when I was banned.
Q3] I do not think this ban was fair as I have not done anything wrong, and I didn’t get any warning.
Q4] I think I should be unbanned because I have not griefed, spammed, or offended anyone(that I know of).
(plus my brother uses the same IP as me and would be banned too)

If it’s an unknown reason go to the ban link. It will say why you are banned at that location

just found out why I was banned. I will undo my actions and apologize if possible.

Reason: Placing blocks at other player’s houses (661 + over than 300 blocks at the TDM Arena)
Expires: Never

I don’t think you’ll get unbanned that easily for that much blocks…

You placed tons of tons of living fire blocks, took me like 10 minutes to look for all of them, making sure there arent more and clearing them.
You were messing with a massive colored arena and several more houses.
Once i get on my pc the pictures will be posted.
Grief and hacks offences will be resaulted with a ban with no warning.
Edit-Added pictures

Lilian (aka Damion) is a witness.

Do you understand your mistake that was taken?

EDIT: The player has failed to respond, this topic is now closed due to this reason.
You will be able to open up a new appeal, and take care of it, too.