[Closed] Admin

*Hello I am Jackson and I would like to be admin.

#1 I would like to be admin because I would like to help people when ever they ask and help make the server have more people who help.

#2 I would rate my effectiveness about a 8 because I would really be quick to a situation that is going on like if people are doing some bad actions then I would be really quick to it and try my best to take care of it. And with bans I don’t have a problem banning some one what keeps making bad choices. With warnings I would for sure say "If you do this again or something else you will have some consequences ". I would have no problem doing any of that to make this server better.

#3 I would say stop it and say sorry to the other person and give them a short warning about it or if its a worse case then I would ban them if it was very inappropriate because its what needs to be done. I would make sure that other people know that its not okay to do what that person has done.

#4 I would try my best and give them a higher warning every time they would do something and I would try to be on the server as much as I could so that every thing will be settled and there wont be any body that is concerned about the server and I want them to know that its all under control and any body who dose anything inappropriate I would take care of it and settle it all.

#5 Okay so 4 people are having problems so I would take care of it bye first saying you guys really need to stop this is a warning and if I see you guys arguing later I will take care of it and yes there will be consequences and it would mainly be the 2 members who would be punished because of there behavior and the moderators haven’t done anything but I would still give them a light warning about it. Then the Moderators start to say “shut up” then I would start to say you guys can’t do it be the good person and just forget about it and thing before you talk and don’t mute them because you are just proving that you want to win this. And the guy who is saying “I agree” Same I would like to talk about stuff like the other guy because its not right to be doing stuff like that it’s very inappropriate by doing such. So I would give him an even bigger warning saying "If you do any thing by talking to them because you would just get into an other argument so if you have to say something think about it and try to make it nice if you are going to say anything at all. And so they claim that the members were griefing so I would ask the people who had reported it and ask what they griefed and they are using caps and swearing that would be punishing for that such as banning because you can’t swear to people it’s VERY rude. Thats how I would take care of it.

#6 I have learned that it is a very open server that is filled with building and players I would say it is a very nice place a lot of people are nice and a lot of people need help, but I always see someone helping someone out and I love that people do that. I’ve learned that a lot of people can be rude and ruin your day but I can see people just saying please stop very kindly and the person usually will stop.I love this server that’s why I want to be an admin because it would make me apart of the server even more.

   In the past 
  • I have been a mod on a server then I got ranked up to a admin before in a past server that has been down for a long time now so i would like to dedicate some time to this server.

  • Thank you

Please, if you ever want to apply for admin, use the correct format. And anyway, please apply for helper first you must at least be a mod before you apply for admin.

Closed due to reason up there. ^ Examples of admin apps —> https://dark-gaming.com/thread/accepted-my-admin-application.436 : https://dark-gaming.com/thread/accepted-admin-application.327