'Classic' Capture the Gem

Right now, gamemodes only has 1 option: zombies. While this is great and all, other servers, such as pedguin games, has many, many other gamemodes and options. I would like to suggest more gamemodes for that option, such as the classic ctg option on penguin games. I bet it would increase variety and thus more people to the server itself.

What I mean by Classic CTG:
There are two teams who spawn on opposite sides of a world (near, but not at, spawn), and they have X time to prepare (usually an in-game day). Once that grace period is over, both sides can freely cross sides and attempt to capture the other team’s gem at their base. Whoever captured it the fastest wins. If there is no gem captured by the end of the second day, the game ends in a draw. Longer matches can be held if needed for competitive gains and other such items.

more like free copy right strike


Whats ctg?


Capture the gem, the reason gem locks and giant gems exist.


Oh alright


Potentially a duplicate of:

depending on exactly what you’re asking…

CTG isn’t a well defined term in Terraria, we’ve hosted CTG games before based on the original (that I’m aware of) which is defined as:

  • Starts with a safe period where players cannot cross the middle into the other teams territory and during this time must get items from caves etc
  • All items are crafted, looted from others (medium core) or found exploring the world
  • Putting the opposing team’s gem in your team’s chest wins the game

For any gamemode suggestion, you’re better off completely ignoring existing modes and explaining it from scratch (all the details needed for it to be implemented without knowledge of existing implementations) and only at the end linking to examples

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I want haste gamemode instead


i mean, using the gem and gem locks isnt copying an idea, its a mechanic in terraria after all.


Include that they are used not only in ctg, but also they are great for adventure maps and stuff like that


Fixed. See top for more info.


Honestly I think few people would play this in favor of the one on Penguin. The minigames there are generally higher quality/variety and are updated far more often and in-depth than on DG, since they have multiple developers. It would definitely see some play, but might just fill up lobbies and not make the server stand out.
Is there a specific reason why you wanted to port this game to DG besides just for the sake of adding more than one gamemode? Most gamemode suggestions are dismissed as not worth the effort anyway…


I mean, most of the audience mains survival, and when ML is down, the avg players online dips from the double digits to like 4-5ish, mainly because there is not much to do on the server besides survival. Adding this would increase player count, and would keep the server afloat during the low hours. Just a thought, but it would be nice to do it on DG instead of penguin, and have gamemodes be accurate instead of the singular zombies gamemode.


I agree that it needs another gamemode or the dimension needs a name change to gamemode


Actually, I think there are more Zombies players, most of them just aren’t active in the community or don’t have accounts.


yrah i have to a gree to this. lots of hacking bans are in zombies, and zombies chat isnt public (thank rof)

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