Rofle, I think we should have a Clan Hub with teleporters to all the Clan headquarters, near spawn somewhere. I don’t know how I came up with this but I did.

I imagine a lot of the map made up of ton of teleporters and a lot of he map made up of clan bases

The alternative is that you buy warps and then anyone can just /warp there.

While Rofle’s idea would work, I think that Seraph’s idea is a better one. There is space in spawn so I think that could work.

The difference is my one scales, Seraph’s doesn’t. The more clans that want these teleporters at spawn the less space there’ll be.

That is true. Meh I will stay out of this, just felt like voicing my opinion

I’m talking about maintenance; I doubt anyone here will dedicated time into repetitive and simple tasks like these and I doubt having them over something simpler would pay off. I was initially going to allow people to pay for warps by going to a location on the map, using the Trading System to pay DP which puts warp down. The great thing about this is that it requires no maintenance guy, the people that want these warps make them. There’s one constraint at this time which is the reason an automation is not yet an option.

Yea that makes sense, I’m always willing to help out though. I may not have many commands or permissions, but I’m always looking for a chance to help.