Clan/Group PvP Tournament

----- NOTE -----
This is still under progress. The rewards are being reviewed and thought about. Please be patient for now.
FURTHERMORE, We will be accepting no more than 10 Groups, and any groups given to us after Friday night will be declined.
Lastly I will need verification that all 3 of your members will be particiapting. So nobody just assumes that they will work with each other.

----- UPDATE -----
Lily and I have decided, With permission from Rofle, and help from ThePunisher, That the event will be held in STS’s Arena.
When everyone on your group is online, we will teleport you to the location and the event will begin when ready.

This Event will be hosted by Lilian and I (MrSandwich) so any requests, questions or anything of the sorts shall be directed at us.

So, what is this that I am doing?

To answer that in its simplest form, Lilian and I are hosting a PvP Tournament with a bit of a twist.
The twist? You must do it in a group of 3 (3V3)
The actual event itself will be taking held on Saturday (October 25th, 2014)

We will attempt to host a 5v5 event soon in the near future.

-----> ------- 3V3 ------- <-----

------- Requirements -------

- You must have a group of 3 PvPers.
- You must be crew (I think members in the BETA for T1 are okay though)
- You must be respectful of others. I know tensions can be running high, but that’s no reason to get angry or upset.
- You mustn’t break the rules Breaking the rules is an auto disqualification for your WHOLE team!
- You must listen to Lily and I! Start when we say start, stop when we say stop, and be ready when we call you to the arena for your ‘turn’
- You must have a group of 3 PvPers Ready to PvP on Saturday. WE would prefer if you tell us your group by Friday night though.

------- The List of Rules -------

- No potions apart from Invisibility and Well fed. (excluding healing potions)
- No T-Blade, As it is spammed without knowledge of where it goes and is rather unfair
- No Jack O Lantern launchers, As they are unfair and as we all should know, spammy
- No Candy Corn. Sorry Spooder, But it’s just plain unfair.
- No Scourge of The Corrupter. Since this will be help in STS’s arena, the Scourge and a few other weapons are very very potent.
- Party Bullets? No Thank You! They can create lag on the wrong computer
- Holy Arrows are prohibited! Sorry Cry, Sorry Ultimate, But it’s just not gonna happen
- No RoD. Apart from executions, It can be used to escape scenarios that would’ve resulted in victory for the opponent.
- No Nimbus Rod. For reasons Spooder and I know of, It’s extremely strong in the tdmarena
- No Ninja Gear or Black Belt. For reasons that Rofle has been discussing, It adds an essence of chance in the game. And we want this to be about skill, not luck. Sorry if this affects you
- No Blizzard Staff. This one isnt really debatable, since the arena we are using is set up in a wierd tunnel like way, the blizzard staff is just plain unfair
- While this last one shouldn’t apply to anyone, We would appreciate if you stray clear of flaming, cursed, and frost burn arrows, as they add a debuff that reveals location and ruins the fun

------- Teams -------

  • Team 1
    -The Icy Warrior

    • MiniDude
  • Team 2

-Team 3

  • erio123

-Team 4 (aw shit ggwp)

-Team 5


------- Rewards -------

The group who gets the position will choose who gets what Title, Tag, and Color.

- 1st Place

      Title    -  [Seraph], [Legendary], [God] /[Goddess]  (Depending on Gender)
      Tag     -  (The Legendary), (the Masterful), (the Supreme)
      Color  -  Yellow (246, 255, 66), Orange (255, 136, 0), Red (232, 63, 63)

- 2nd Place

     Title    -  (Fiend), (Elite), (Paladin)
     Tag     - (The Virus), (of the night), (The Incredible)
     Color  - Green (43, 181, 53), Green Yellow (152, 212, 61) And Green Blue (45, 224, 120)

-3rd Place

     Title    - (Despicable), (Wannabe), (Notorious)
     Tag     - (The Juggernaut), (Ninja), (The Bully)
     Color  - Purple (140, 20, 220), Pink(ish) (202, 27, 227) and dark purple (80, 20, 120)

Sand, I NEED to be me.


Looks INteresting


ZzUltimatezZ I honestly didn’t expect you to take interest, since I banned your most used weapons. XD


Well I do like to switch up weapons and I made a Melee character so yesh


I recommended supreme and masterful as tags! :slight_smile:


Overkill :

  1. Lad
  2. Seraph
  3. jr!!
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I’ll join and create a team if I can
ZzUltimatezZ is now on my team

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So here are the teams so far

ZzUltimatezZ, TheIcyWarrior and Minidude48

Thestral, TheAwesomeAlien, and Erio123


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Ultimate, I updated the thread a while ago. I’ve listed the teams there, look for it

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Hello, I am willing to join any team that has an empty spot. I’m sorry if I turned down your offer earlier. Thanks! -Pooder Mein
(Spooder-Man) Joined XxSlayerxX’s team

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Note: Spooder can participate because he is a beta tester and can earn the prizes. (also have crew cmds)

Get rekt sonny!

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Sammich, add our team! xD

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Oh come on! I have to play against some epic pvpers. This is gonna be hard

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Slayer I’m not participating. And since when is Spooder a Precursor?



Hope i dont get disqualified…

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Oh ok Whew

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I joined yesterday.

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[quote=popstarfreas]Slayer I’m not participating. And since when is Spooder a Precursor?[/quote] He isn’t a Precursor member but I was suggesting that we could represent them, not necessarily saying he’s in the clan.

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[quote=XxSlayerxXx]He isn’t a Precursor member but I was suggesting that we could represent them, not necessarily saying he’s in the clan.[/quote]Ok. But you’ll still need to find another person. I’m going to be working on the next Trading update mostly so I’d rather participate in events after this stuff is done.