Clan Building-2

Could anyone suggest me what to build in my Clan?
-Labyrinth of Zerkies
-/warp Zerkies HQ
-Zerkies Sign
-Underground base
-The Legendary Golden Toilet
Anything else?

Working on:
-Building Room
-Party Room

Maybe a training room, with weapon chests.

Also, make some offices for yourself, and your top people.

I was trying to make an armory…but noooo you had to take it down :frowning:

A “Hall of Heroes” that contains the suits/names of the great warriors within your clan.

(Note: Please tell me the legendary golden toilet is a priority and is going to be build soon :smiley: )

maybe an armory that has all the armors and items crafted inside a chest and mannequin with the armor on it

i actually am making the unli-item chest right now but a huge rollback came

a time grief

How u make unli-chest???

only moderator+ can use a command called /crefill (chest refill) if your on at the same time as me ill make your chests unlimited for you.