Clan Building

I just Started making a Clan Building, Is it allowed? I Built it in a empty space.

where is it I could help:)

although I still want to help,couldnt you tell me how you want it?

I Left a Important Part for US to build.
Members are ONLY allowed to Build, Create or Decorate In or At the Clan Building WHEN I am online.

Nice job, our clans have an early start on building. We have made some buildings and areas for Rainbow Legion.

I want to see.
We are Allies After all.
Use GPS give me the location

can i join

can i join

My Clan is Labyrinth of Zerkies
Would you like to apply for my clan?


i have plans for an extra arena Remamber chaneley remember “add more”

Yes I do

so wheres the area


What area?

you know the area clan area

chenaley is not a part of my clan.
unless he wants to be

Hey hey, I am loyal to my clan, and will never betray them. Also I have a job as manager.

i just said you are not a part of my clan >w>

Yeah, but you said “unless he wants to be”.

now its my turn Hey!Hey! your both pretty!!!

How do you do the thing where it does this. (example) The aliens posted- Now its my turn Hey!Hey! your both pretty!!!

quote=player name(in brackets) what they said,then /quote (in brackets)