Clan Bases for renting.

I have started making a clan base, but it seems it is too big than needed, so I will offer the unneeded parts to allied clans.

They aren’t actually up for selling yet, but the KSR are offering 1 of 8 sections(Not 9 because the middle one is ours) of a building of size 194x136(interior) to clans willing to sign this contract:

[B]By signing this contract, I of the , publicly agree to be allies with the Knights of the Silver Rose.
In the event that the enemy attacks the clan bases, my clan will protect the clan bases from the intruders.
In the event that my clan is no longer allies with the Knights of the Silver Rose, my clan will evacuate from the rented clan base immediately.

Officially signed by of the __________________________________________________________________[/B]

The sections of the building are now up for buying.

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