Chat Module

Chat Module v1.1
[li]An online users list, updated live and usable throughout the site[/li]
[li]The ability to chat privately with users that are currently online[/li]
[li]Timestamps on all messages[/li]
[li]A Chat Noise that notifies you of new messages[/li]
[li]A recent history of a chat when initiating a chat with a user online or if you have recently spoken (within the last few hours)[/li]
[li]Minimizable and Maximizable Chat Boxes[/li]
[li]Closable Chat Boxes, that will remove the Chat Box and the user tile under it[/li]
[li]Auto-linking, that recognizes links and automatically puts them in an anchor tag[/li]

~ Original Message ~
Today is the introduction of the new Chat Module.
The Chat Module is only displayed if you’re logged in. It starts off in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen as a blue rectangle containing “Online(x)”. Click that very rectangle to open up the users online menu. Then, click on a user to start to chat.

If you would like to maximize/minimize a chat box, simply click the name under it. It also contains an X in the top-right of the box which completely deletes the chat and associated name under it. You can get it back by going to the Online menu and selecting the user.

Currently, I’m working on eliminating any bugs. I also want to include “Load previous messages” as well as a Last message timestamp. The actual maximizations of windows will also be stored so that if you load a new page, they will retain their positions.

I do hope to include a “friends list” that displays a friend even if they’re currently offline.
Bugs? Suggestions? Joy?
Post below.

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Well done!

It works really well, but I find that if I move to a new page when the chat is minimized, the chat box will open again obscuring the view of the new page. Not sure if it’s intentional (although I don’t see why it would be), just making you aware of that if you weren’t already :). Other than that its looking good.

Also, just a quick suggestion I have for the website. Would you be able to make the menu bar at the top of the screen remain static, similar to how the chat buttons work. I just think it would add to the aesthetic quality and functionality of the page design :P. Once again, just a suggestion if you want to give it a try.

Yea that sounds like a great idea. Alsooo maybe, possibly, there would be a way to slide chats? Like for example when you have two chats open instead of closing and using the other one, (or vice versa.) Then, when you have them open, you can slide them so that they aren’t overlapping and so that you would be able to speak on both without closing one? :3 Like STS said, this is only a suggestion.

This is unrelated but Rofle, what ever happened to that Jon thing? Did you close it down or what? XD

Another suggestion, how about a notification tone¿ ;D And emoticons? XDD

Ok lastly, nicely done Rofle. :stuck_out_tongue:

A notification tone sounds like a good idea

[quote=STHES] if I move to a new page when the chat is minimized, the chat box will open again obscuring the view of the new page[/quote]It is intentional because the messages received are those within 5 minutes. It is the temporary way of keeping a chat open while changing pages.

[quote=Donuts]You can slide them so that they aren’t overlapping and so that you would be able to speak on both without closing one[/quote]I was thinking for now to allow clicking on a chat box to move it to the top of the z-index so it becomes “in focus”. I’m not sure what you mean by “sliding” though. I could allow the chat boxes to be moveable around the page, but I don’t think I would be able to save their positions for when you change pages.

[quote=Donuts]This is unrelated but Rofle, what ever happened to that Jon thing? Did you close it down or what? XD[/quote]I disabled it and started to re-write him but never finished.

[quote=2Khajit2Quit]A notification tone sounds like a good idea[/quote]Yea that’s planned but I need to find a tone first.

A bug: when I reload the page, it displays all of my previous chats in a row even if the members aren’t online.

That’s not a bug. I made a change so that it loads the messages of the last 6 hours. I’m guessing only load if they’re online would be better then? Once the state saving is in it’ll be better but I’m just comprising.

Ohhh ye okey. Ye maybe if they are only online. :3

There we go. Only loads chats if the user is online and loads a max of 20 messages within the last 6 hours. Receiving messages only receives messages within the last 150 seconds; this should catch a user that has just come online and for safety is quite a high number. The chatbox popup has also been disabled when loading new pages.

Update: A chat sound was added. Whether its good or not is up to you but it plays its purpose and it should be obvious that the sound is chat-related. I produced the sound using a synthesiser myself so I didn’t steal it :stuck_out_tongue:
If anyone has short wav sounds they would like to submit feel free. In the future I will make the sound optional as well as have a choice of several.

Looks good, also thanks for the change to the menu bar up the top :smiley:

Okay so i read the whole thread and everything but i may have missed somethings, first of all this isnt a complaint but i cant hear the sound, mayby i need a plugin or somthing, idk xD Basically i haz a suggestion, this may be odd but i kinda like how its says on certain programns "‘User’ is typing a message) and i thought it would be call if that was implemented into the chat module idk, it may just be my weird imagination forcing me to write this :smiley: Thank you for reading.

If you can’t hear the sound it’s because of any or multiple of the following:

  • Your browser doesn’t support HTML5
  • Your sound isn’t turned up
  • Your browser has blocked the HTML5 audio (idk why it would do that)

o.0 shame i have my volumn on 45 and i use IE :"( i cant change browser either

What IE you got? I believe IE9+ should support it.

It updates really quick eg: MrSandwich and Donuts were on and as soon as MrSandwich logged off it updated.

Found a bug: when you open the blue chat box, you will see the list of players on. Although, the only way to exit out of that part is to refresh the page. It would be nice if you can maybe add a exit button on that page. It’s might just be my computer though. (?)

The thing down the bottom that says “Online(3*)”? You click it again but I don’t know if I’ve got the wrong thing or not.

*used 3 as an example, obviously.

Slayer; allowing people to destroy the div means they can’t open “new” chats. You can only minimize and maximize it.

oh ok. thanks!