Change Valiant's buffs

Valiant is pretty much useless rn. Why not make that u r able to change receiving bugs from health to damage and backwards with ww or ss. This can be soo useful

lmao, valiant would be so much better with different, more offensive or defensive buffs, i currently feel that the regen is kinda useless…


I meant same


Related suggestion:


That one is old and forgotten

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ok new idea:
you can get 2 sets of ability:
you can have either hp regen or damage buffs
u can switch between buffs for each in-game class

So you have 3 vars
glob → 1 or 2 (one is hp, second is dmg, switch with sw)
set → 1 or 2 (one is global, second is class, switch with ww) ← base one
class → 1, 2 or 3 (one is melee/summon speed attack boost (with whip buffs), second is ammo reserv, archer and nebula buffs, etc, third is mage buffs, with some magic ball buffs, nebula dmg buffs and etc, swittched with ws).

you have 2 boxes
one has glob buffs
second is class buffs
you should choose one in each box
AND after you should choose ONE of the boxes