Challenges for Items

So, recently on the server, Rofle, Ultimate and I were talking about the trading inventory and items and such, when the idea of Challenges that get progressively harder the more you do/your level came up. The problem is that Rofle is having a hard time thinking up with all of the ideas and who they should be for. So here is what I am gonna do, I am gonna make a small simple format here and you guys are going to give us your ideas for challenges.

----- FORMAT-----

[1] Challenge Name/Title (not required)

[2] What the challenge is exactly

[3] The difficulty (can be like 1-10, or the level of person it should be given to)

[4] What the rewards could or will be (so like if I made a challenge the rewards could be from R5-7 colors or something alike)

[5] The scaling (not required) ((So if the challenge is to kill 5 people in 5 minutes, the scaling would be , for higher levels, kill 10 people in 3 minutes))

[1] Impossible Jump

[2] Just look up Geometry dash on youtube and you’ll see. Just in Terraria.

[3] There could be different levels and rating for each level. It depends on how impossible I guess…

[4] Really bright colors like the light green for helpers or light blue for Mods. (something very alike to that) Also, a tag that could state… -> [The Impossible] <-Only for the most difficult levels

[5] I guess this one I’ll just put in some rules.
1: You must be running the whole time with a lucky horseshoe.(Unless the sign states to use running boots to make you go faster)

2: If you fall on spikes below (if there are any) or if the sound that indicates you’re hurt in any way is sounded, then you have to start all over on that level.

3: You can get a max of 10 attempts per level. If it becomes a /warp or something, then you can practice while no one is currently doing a level! (for real rewards. This is because of the “hurt” sound in areas where we can’t see you. (if we can’t)

Thanks. Hopefully this will work out for you guys!

[1] Sniper Challenge

[2] With no armor, acsessories, or buffs, you have to see how much damage you can do to a Blue Slime. You must use a normal Sniper Rifle with normal Musket Balls. (If you miss the shot you get nothing)

[3] Difficulty: 1

[4] If you get 100 damage you get an R1 item if you get 200 damage you can get an R2 item, see where I’m going here?

[5] I’m not sure if you can scale this or not, I will take any suggestions.

I’m not sure if I can like make the prizes but here are some:

R1’s :

Sure Shot

Military Grade


R2’s :

Head Dropper

Brain Cleaner

Skull Crusher

R3’s :

I’m really not sure if anyone can get to 300 damage, so yeah.

(You can chose what title you want)

The problem with these ideas is how are these achievable without a supervisor? And even though the blue slime one might be possible, the damage recorded is not the hit, but the damage dealt which means if a mob was at 1 HP and you hit a 200 shot, it would count as only 1 damage.

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Btw Spooder, I’ve hit up to 1000 dmg with a sniper

But is it [quote=SpooderMan]With no armor, acsessories, or buffs[/quote]


Oh, no I didn’t notice that part. With armor and stuff I’ve hit over 1000 dmg, sorry.

This is still something that is taken into consideration. All and every suggestion is welcomed!

Not gonna let it die down yet