Well, I’ve typed this thread previously and it got deleted thanks to the LOOOOONNNGGGGG title…Yep, so convienant. I digress time for my handy dandy little disclaimer, -ahem-.

This thread in no way is to antagonize the party or player mentioned as it is an answer to a question or rather a need for a descriptive dialogue of why I preformed a action such as banning. If said reader is to take offense and ignore this disclaimer actions will be filed in sufficient cost management ; Going to edit out the flames more or less.

Let me just start off by saying this, Castiel…Before you go RUNNING to an admin (Or rather ANY staff) asking why you were banned consider the situation…It truly saves me valuable time I could be using on my homework and server monitoring but I suppose its nice to have me spit out these claims and proofs collected from the general server community. Here are your reasons, enjoy them. While they may only be two they are decisive pieces.

  1. You have griefed on several occasions prior to this ban, I’ve skimmed the forums and found various complaints. However yesterday I came on to find you had griefed supersaiyens castle and with beetleborg they were searching for the culprit. Using history me and a fellow staff member discovered YOU were responsible for the removed tiles and the course of action was to rollback. Grief is an automatic ban.

  2. “YOU LIED, UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH” Is the gist of what I’m about to say, When you were asked about the grief you stated something about repairing the asphalt bridge when history CLEARLY showed you with the guilty party in the following destruction of the mentioned castle. Hm. (Supersaiyen mentioned even putting a sign up on it to clearly state it was his property)

Witness: WSC oh yes…he WAS the one who rolled it back and stated YOU were responsible for the destruction and subsequent removed tiles which included various pieces of block and wall tiles.

And yes, that is pretty bad if I’ve only known you for 6 minutes as a player and already have TWO pieces of evidence to support my claims and a “expert” witness. Usually that takes a me a couple DAYS (Assuming its like a quarrel. If its an instant ban I do it on the spot and still provide my reasons) at quickest to find that much proof to file a ban, I do not ban for no reason. In fact I may be one of the most logical admins in that sense that I am almost annoyingly thorough in my commands (All of us are). So please again rethink the situation before you run around making conjectures about unfair bans, Even If you didn’t I find it hard-pressed I was asked that on my wall out of random “why was ______ banned”.

-Sincerely Hazama.

(This was for you rubber, hope this is enough to satisfy your inquiry)

nice, he was getting on my nerves a LOT ok no caps. a lot and i knew he grieved pete’s house!

I’ve only known you for 6 minutes as a player and already have TWO pieces of evidence
omg ban him!

he was…i think

He is, And hopefully it will remain that way.

I detest griefers of any kind.

whew! that’s a relief! for the first time i am glad someone was banned

That was brilliantly stated. I agree in full

thanks that’s nice

Not you x.x

poor dragon didnt know. state who u talk to before u talk xD

Ok sure XD

and it was still nice xD

if this guy has been banned can his stuff get deleted please?

I suppose.

As far as I know only people such as admin’s can delete structures…Or can I as well?

If I could i’d gladly remove his “work” by tomorrow.

yay, well he also greifed part of my building and then built a bunch of stuff around my place

he wrote(built?)rather offensive stuff on peter’s house.

Beautifully stated, Apature. :slight_smile: I completely agree and if I could +1 this I would.

Yeah it’s great, and I think that “castiel” needs to stay banned.

yes indeed