Can't build on server!

Hello. I just recently discovered that the server was updated to 1.3! But, I can’t build AT ALL, due to all the land being protected from changes. I should have crew, too.

The surface is reserved for the Faction War. Underground areas are only covered by CrewWorld protection (for Crew) and the Sandbox is open to Members and above.

Rofle, When are we gona be allowed to build on the server and actully protect it from greifers. i wouad really like that to be true i played back in 1.1 and i remember the builds i made and it was fun. :slight_smile:

You should be able to build underground already. The surface is protected.

Rofle, I think ya dun goofed.

You set my rank to crew, so I should be able to build underground and not on the surface

But as it turns out, I can build on the surface and dig up the surface but not underground. I think you may have gotten it backwards :stuck_out_tongue: