Cannot log onto on my mac

Hi Can anyone help me with logging onto dark gaming from my Mac. It says found server but doesnt go any further.

I have no problems joining from my windows version

Please help

Try restarting, or unistalling, and reinstalling Terraria, I’m pretty familliar with Terraria on mac because i play on mac occasioonly.

Did you do what Golden said?

But, if we reinstall this terraria, our character will disappear. how can we solve it?

No, your characters will be kept.

I could be wrong, but don’t you need to save your character to the cloud for it to not be deleted upon reinstall?

I know you can also save a backup of your characters and re-instate them when the installation is done.

But, if we already login our account in then we run our terraria icon but still a guest, how can we log in our account in simplest way? how and please describe it step by step.

No, characters or worlds don’t have to be moved to the cloud. Uninstallation/reinstallation doesn’t remove those files.

DRanger, /login on the server.

we already login on the server and we already login on the But, still not working. were still a guest on the server. what is the solution about this?

What’s your in-game account name? Seems you’re another person that have broken account. To my knowledge, only Rofle can fix it.

Still DRanger is my account name. My another account is Psychic Death.

Weren’t we talking about it on the server already?

I just answer your question on what’s my in game account name. :3

A68PL, can you unbanned me? i accidentally broke the rules. i don’t know that it will happen to me . Please? I’m so sorry. :frowning:

There is no “Accidentally” about it, you can appeal, and you will more than likely be unbanned if you do it correctly. I highly advise reading the rules.
Here is where you make appeals Ban Appeals