Building Dimension

Hi there,

A few people have recently told me how cool it would be if DG had a building dimension, so Ima make a thread on it and how it will work.
Once you get access to crew, you are allowed to enter the new build dimension [/build] From there you have buildmode permanently activated and get a whole map to build on. You may think this is useless since we already have Main for building, but that is technically full and there is only the underground to build in. The new build dimension will be a flattened out empty surface [With access to caves] where you have all the space you want to build. I don’t know if extra dimensions cost extra money, if it does we might be allowed to convert main into /build since it is already bugged.

I may have not thought about the big picture in this whole scenario, but those were my ideas.


There’s already a two stage process for this that is planned.

Stage 1
A new server program will replace Main/Mirror called TerrariaServer Lite. The lite server will host both the Dimensional Rift and Chest area and will hopefully cut down a lot of CPU usage. A public build dimension will replace what Main/Mirror had for building (including sandbox).

Stage 2
The public build dimension will become more restricted. TerrariaServer Lite will be upgraded to have support for static building. No liquids will move, no wiring support, no blocks will fall, no biome movement. This version of the lite server will become the MyBuild dimension. Every person will have their own MyBuild dimension, where they can freely create static builds, upload/download them, use world-edit and define who can come to and build at their MyBuild Dimension.

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