Building an House

i’m new at this game but idk how to build

I am going to explain you.

You need to be a crew if you want permission to build.
You can be a crew when you have terraria on steam (Buy terraria).
When you have terraria on steam, go to server, make a player account ( Entering with a nickname, then do /register then /login ).
Then, access this forum and click DTP, enter in DTP with your server player nickname and password, and voila ! You are a crew member.Now you can build.

lol terraria on steam -.- i download terraria on free -.-

Oh… you can’t build.
But, there is a sandbox when all players [Members] can build.

There is also a few other things you can do.

  • Get 3 Credits to purchase Crew for full access to the Trading System, Crew Commands and Building
  • Gain DP (DarkPoints) and purchase Region Items from other Crew Members to own estates to build in them
  • Wait until more Sandbox areas are open with certain rules and protection

and also how do i buy dark estate i got 62k DP at once

im not gonna do that i dont have steam