Builder's Permit

Builder’s Permit.
Hey People
I am Spirit and I am here with an idea!

My idea is to add a special job for people who want to create special building/landmarks for the server and be able to use certain mods like gameiki as tools to make the builds faster and more efficient.

For a User to become a Builder they must be a Crew member for a week and have build at least more then 3 structures in the server that are appropriate and have been approved by the public and staff.
There should be trust between the Builder and the staff so not anyone can become a builder.

And of course there is the matter that people on the server including myself already use gameiki in the server without permission. But we mostly focus with gameiki as a tool to helping build creations without the hassle of miss placing and making pointless scaffolding that make the clean up after the build a bit troublesome.

Please understand that I am speaking for myself and the other talented builders that are on the server now that are just blooming with amazing ideas that we want to express to everyone in the Dark gaming community.

I don’t say that that the server should start this now but when 1.2.4 so that we may utilize all the new features that it will have in store and also when the server world we be brand new for it.
And one of my many ideas for building in 1.2.4 is a new means of transportation with the new minecarts and creating a railroad underground with many locations to go to.

If you want to chat with me in person about this more My steam is “The Heroic Spirit” and my skype is “The Restless Spirit”.
I will also be on the server from time to time so feel free to look for me there.
and of coarse this is just a suggestion and nothing more don’t expect it to be something in the server unless it gets everyone’s support.

This has been Spirit and I’ll see all you guys in the server. :slight_smile:
please not that I have noticed that I used the wrong permit in the topic headline and that I can’t fix the error with the editor but I have noticed and have put the proper term in the proposal.

I got banned for that so [color=red] 10000000000000000000000- [/color]

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+1 for you will be a great builder spirit I saw all the building you made its realy nice

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Um Tech I was there when you got banned and you were harassing a fellow player so I’m just gonna not count your vote.

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Still waiting for people to notice the interesting paragraph in the OP.

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Sorry to rain on your parade, Spirit, but gameiki mods are treated the same way as hacks. Hacks are definitely not allowed on our server and thus neither are gameiki mods.
See section #4 rule #1 on the rule list: Rule List. I am really sorry to say but you are violating this rule. I think that Rofl must say his opinion about it but I also think that this will end up in you being banned. :l


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I would agree. Rofl dislikes gameiki and also, yes, it is considered a hack. Also, I’m a little surprised that this would come up after I specifically told you that rofl didn’t like it, and that it wasn’t allowed and told you not to use it on the server.

Also are we supposed to be voting on this or giving input?

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Well at least I am being honest and I’ll accept the consequences of my actions.
when I am banned then I’ll miss you all and give my best regards for the server.

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You may make a ban appeal and remove your gamekiki mod if you wish to continue staying at dark-gaming. Thank you for accepting the consequences and being honest.

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On that note Donuts, the link is already in /rules but I’ll re-post it; Hacked Clients are not allowed. However, you are free to contest and contribute as part of our community.

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