Bug report (Zombies server)

When i join the server, my character equipment changes and i am stuck on lobby.

it seems to isolate me from server chat.

My current ver.:

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I think someone else had this issue.

  • Are you are member or guest?
  • Does it happen every time?
  • What is your character name?
  • Does it happen on other characters?
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  • I am member,
  • it happens every time
  • XtremeRusher (same as account)
  • i made “TestGuy” guest character and i was able to play. (also zombies should be nerfed, they have “Master” damage and health)
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What if you use another character, but the same name (so you’re auto logged-in)?

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I tried, and it’s still the same…

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Can you try it again, on a new lobby and see if it is still happening? /join z new


It works! :smiley:

Thank you very much!