Brianna's Back .....and gone

I don’t Know whether or not I am still admin. Quite a long absence it has been, not being able to get on the server, the site to contact anyone or never the right time to contact you on steam. Maybe a year and half I have been gone, quite very long. You may have thought I was never coming back but I’ve tried and here I am. I put pity on my self for not being on for so long. My only request would be to be an admin once more. I am not making an application because I am well known (or used to be). Also, I’d like the server information. If you cannot accept my only request, I’m going to still help people admin or not.

No one can vote for this because I have the wrong format. No one, only Popstarfreas can decide without votes. Any votes will not be counted Staff member or not.

PS: I’ve been an admin of Dark Gaming for a long time. Possibly the longest. Don’t judge.

By the way, feel free to express your opinion Staff and other members.

No voting though

By the way if you accept my request. I would appreciate if you would admin Muncho_Cruncho. I use that character more often

To answer your first question you are not an admin. :stuck_out_tongue: Quite a lot of things have changed since a year ago, (ask STS) and so I think that you will have to reapply. But it’s really Rofl’s decision so I might be wrong. Anyway welcome back. :stuck_out_tongue:

briannamoran your absence is not of value. I see no reason to give you admin unknowing of what you have learnt and what your current intentions are. I have no idea if you are even the same person. You must work your way up the Staff Ranks like everyone else.

When did you join Dark Gaming? Iv never seen you before and iv been around for 2 years, unless you have changed your ign or your username?

You weren’t here for the whole time brianna was.

Ah, I see. Well, things have moved on and well I guess I’m done with dark gaming anyway. Good luck. I’ve had fun knowing you and also you know I’m an admin and same person because you sent me a message asking if I’m coming back.

Nice knowing you all.

Ok well bye. Nice knowing you for like 5 seconds! :smiley:

Nice knowing you only came back for Admin. I guess I was right “I see no reason to give you admin unknowing of what you have learnt and what your current intentions are.” Who knows what you had in mind.

Ahahahahahahha. This is pretty hilarious. Shouldn’t someone close this? XD

Good point donuts… with sprinkles… and fudge on the inside… oh ya back to business, someone should close this!