Brandini's ban appeal

q1: Hello, my ban link is: and the reason I was banned was for griefing in survival. q2: I did not know griefing was against the server rules. I did not know that people who don’t have protected areas cannot be griefed. q3: If this goes against the server rules, I do think my ban was fair, however I never had any fair warning to stop before I was banned. q4: I would like to be unbanned because I did not know griefing was a bannable offense. I really love playing on this server. I promise to read the server rules if i’m unnbanned. I also apologize for any recklessness I caused. Thank you.

Did you completely ignore the format?

Going to deny this appeal and allow him to make a new one following the format, no time cooldown :+1:.

Make a new appeal following the format that is provided.