So recently iv been thinking about boosters. Back when DP was working aswell as statistics i remember people mensioning it and rofl responding with a punishment :P. Just wanted to know whether you guys thinks it fair to let them play the game how they want, or thats its unacceptable?

Please leave your responses below:

Yeah, boosting in the way I’m thinking (where you trade the points, level, then trade back) shouldn’t be allowed on the server, and seemed to be resolved on the old server at some point. It should be banned in my opinion. If giving the xp but using it up in the levelling process was available like in the SEconomy plugin then it would be fine to trade xp but to allow boosting longer distances between levels would be required in my opinion.

Yes STHES. That was the old problem with giving out XP. But now DP has replaced it. DP does infact get used up when you rank up; so you can’t just trade and then trade back. The boosting that I have in my mind is where you get someone to let you kill them in PvP over and over to earn free DP. My circumvention is to only allow gathering of stats in terms of PvP Kills from people who are Crew or above meaning when they die, they lose the DP that you gain meaning a trade would have simply worked the same.

Nice :smiley: and the idea with the pvp is a good one to have to cover that front.

The only other problem left is the destroyer. You can get an insta-kill on him (and lots of DP) with something like snowman cannon…

yeah, is it possible to alter it so that only the head and tail give a high DP reward, with the mid sections only giving small amounts?

I would assume that that would be what you were thinking of if that is possible.

Yes The destroyer is probally easy than most simple bosses and becuase of his curly body he can instantly die from alot of weapons now adays in cluding, terra blade, snowman cannon, Flairon, razorblade typhoon.

…and the bubble gun XD

Don’t forget the bubble gun

It might just have to be hardcoded that the destroyer is a separate statistic so I can simply give no or less points.

Hmm, yeah I would of thought that it would save the xp amount for different mobs, and because the destroyer is a worm it would have the head, body and tail saved as different mobs with different stats, meaning that if the necessary files and numbers, altering then the amounts for the body whilst not affecting the head or tail reward amount.

Offering essentially what you said there but keeping the head and tail xp gain.

The way statistics works is that it doesn’t differentiate between mobs and bosses. This is because of the amount of columns for storing the data. So any mob would have the same value essentially. However, the damage dealt is also stored meaning you’ll do more damage to a higher HP mob and thus you will have more DP that way.

Ahhhh, that makes a lot more sense then. I haven’t worked with statistics that much before so I don’t know exactly how it works regarding most of the things :P.