BOB has godmode(Not BoB)

He said that there were too many bosses so I went to go check it out, saw that he kept regenerating.
I did not over him but a couple frames to prove that it was him doing it, but here is a screenshot of when I did hover over his name: (It is so hard to see his name in that :L)

tiln has valid proof I was there too and I could see him regeneration 500 every time he got hit

The sign that he is standing on is an !heal sign. That gives u 500hp per hit

no he would have to be hitting both things unless he was using a pickaxe

There is a picksaw seen in the image.

really? you see a pickaxe? oh my god. are you higher than 20/20

but isn’t there a cool down on that sign?

No. ,-,

Maybe someone needs a higher IQ to understand it was a reply to the previous post. Please just stop posting irrelevant posts.