Be an Helper Rank

Ill be an great helper because I like helping alt that’s how I got my super admin on my other sever keep
in mined ill be a great helper

I want to be a Helper because I love helping people! For some reason, if some reason, if I hear a cry for help, I’ll drop everything I’m doing and help. Even if it’s the smallest of things. Another point is that I’m from Australia, so I can be on when the majority of staff aren’t. I know a lot of the time’s I’m on, there aren’t any staff members on, so there will be a larger time period covered by staff is my Application is accepted.

About my self
Where to start… Oh! I’m a very creative and random person. I am also an Artist, and if I really like something, BAM! It’s drawn. Another thing about me is I’m a Singer! So usually if I’m not here, I’m performing. What else… Oh! My name! My name is Nathan(for those who haven’t added me on Steam

you skipped a couple o the questions. go there and edit this with the proper format. also this looks copied straight offa Nokia’s. that’s mean. Edit this and make it from scratch and no copying. then i [i]might[/i] +1 it. but right now,[b] -1[/b]

yes this WAS copied off of Nokia’s try again in 2 weeks and think your own answers and you missed 2-3questions



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