Banned For Something I Did Not Do

[Q2] I Was not warned before being banned.
[Q3]It is not fair. All i ever did on the server was to get items.
[Q4]All i did on the server was got items if i needed and later on, went far through the freebuild and made a mob farm without harming any land. Anything it says I did is not true. Every day i go to my farm, random grief spots come out nearby. I really do not know who did it, but all I know was that it was not me.I once got a glimpse of the true griefer, but his name was just some lines. (______________) If anyone knows who this may be, please tell me who this was and release me from the ban. Thank you for reading this appeal.

Mod+ have /history to check who destroyed/placed/changed the blocks.


Reason: Grief-186
Expires: Never

I didnt do that!

Are you sure?

That case was right above my own place, just for you to know.
I didn’t allow anyone to put anything at / inside my bunker (but only Antasma / Zanto).

HEY thats my spawner being blown up!

You won’t be able to see it again anyway since you’re banned (until you get unbanned)

HEY! that’s my building that you built on!.
I own the property long time ago, you should’v see it by the small cabin (?).
His building wont be built back at my place, since the rollback wont take affect, which
it is made for, and I’m absolutely not going to place it back, that was only
Jorge’s mistake.

you only proved the thing that is placed right above my place belongs to you, and the /history never lies. From experience.
I am the only one who is allowed to un-ban you but no-one els.
Your appeal is filled up with mistakes, you wasn’t just getting items, you were building above my bunker,
much too close to it. The other player isn’t going to be banned, and my decision won’t be changed just because
you said you found a grief.
You also said that you placed some blocks for farming item, didn’t harm any land, but you built on top of my own property.
I banned you again due to the “release”-which I didn’t allow at all.
(Your tone of the message you sent me isn’t really going to your favor)