Banned Buffs in Zombies

The Bug

Any time you use something with banned buffs, you get stoned. This currently affects :

  • Sharpened
  • Bewitched
  • Ammo Box
  • Clairvoyance

Snip Showing The Bug :

Bewitching table stoning me in Cryptic Castle.

Bug Happens / Affects :

  • Both PC And Mobile
  • Zombies
  • Every time with banned buffs

My In Game Account Name Is yems BTW


A fix for some buff related issues will be coming soon

Which Striking Buff do you mean? Is it the Striking Moment from Brand of the Inferno?


Besides Squire Armor being banned, how about Valhalla Knight Armor?

Also, you should probably identify which weapons stone you when touching a zombie with “max mana”.
Does “max mana” refer to having a full mana bar or 400 mana?
Also, do these weapons include both modified and vanilla items?


400 mana, and I haven’t really determined which weapon exactly.

Also Striking Moment

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Yes, I remembered to add Valhalla Knight along side Squire


Which map?


Well I think in Cryptic when I was testing it, I hit a mob and got stoned with brand of the inferno, but now I think that may have just been the squire armor.

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It also happens with the stinger necklace,but i think is because 1.4.1(new honey buff from honey comb related accesories) new update.

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There’s already a fix for that, just waiting for update


Yea it affects all the honeycomb buffs


Also the bewitched buff, at least on mobile is banned but there is a bewitching table in the cryptic castle which pretty much kills you because there’s a gravestone next to it.

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Yes it’s listed.