Ban Lyzone490

Hi guys

Ok now I know that maybe the title is a little harsh but let me tell you the story:
So today I was helping on the server and then someone asks to be crew (this someone is Lyzone490)
So I told him/her what to do and it wasn’t working because he/she didn’t go to the DTP page.
I tried to explain where and what the DTP page was, but he/she contentiously said: “I REGISTERED” I DID" etc…
When I tried to explain that the DTP wasn’t registering he/she started swearing at me, the server, and the other people that were on the server.
After I said no swearing, no profanity, no caps etc… He/she continued to attempt to insult me/the server/other people. I have witnesses if you guys really need them.


I am so dumb DX Does witnesses count?

No. It’s more along the lines of screenshots.

Sorry guys, I’m really tired and I didn’t even read the rules :confused:

Think before you post another thing like this, eh? XD

XP Yeah next time I will xP