Ban Appeal, p1re

edit 11/05/22

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
Link: Ban

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
i’ve never read them since today, because i wanted to come back to play, i will never break the rules again i promise mods. i grew up. in 8 months.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.

Yes it was fair, i was being a lil toxic, and i griefed 2 buildings from random dudes, also i writed random words at the caverns, you know man i was being a certified asshole back then, now after months i learned the rules, and i think im ready to comeback without breaking any rule and being nice to the community.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
Well after months of getting banned on dark gaming i learned the lesson, im not gonna break any rules, no gonna grief, or being toxic, just gonna enjoy if you let me, please i wanna come back and play again


Eerie, you know i don’t deserve it


No, I am not even referring to you telling others to read the rules themselves, I would actually encourage others to read the rules before playing on the server, you had generally been a rude person to others.

You have griefed multiple buildings beyond usage and recognition.

That might be true but a ban can never be made until there is clear evidence.

You stated in chat that it’s not compulsive griefing, however, griefing does, without question, always break the rules.

This one might be an error on my part, I will remove scamming from your ban reason for the moment.

As a conclusion, you have griefed multiple buildings beyond use and recognition and you don’t seem to understand that griefing is a violation of the rules.
This appeal is denied.